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The Cave in The News

One rowdy Renegade®   Now Rocks the Cave!

He’s got more energy than – well, anything or anybody. But as one of the members of the multi-million selling rocker quartet, Renegade, Kenny Marquez’ unique gift for outrageous banter and behavior helps the band distinguish itself with their signature sound and cutting-edge presentation. 

It makes perfect sense. Born in East LA at USC Medical Center, Marquez’ mother was a product of the radical 60′s and 70′s. Involved in the protests and boycotts of the day, Kenny often saw his mother on TV, participating in sit-ins and playing her guitar. So it wasn’t surprising that at the age of seven or eight, his mother taught him how to play “House of the Rising Sun” on the guitar. It was all over. By the time he was eleven, Kenny Marquez’ guitar helped to define his identity and create an outlet for his highly creative mind. 

While attending JR. High, Marquez enrolled in Guitar class to see what he could gain. With perfect pitch and the ability to pick up songs and chord progressions almost immediately, it wasn’t long before he was taking the class over. His musical likes were diverse. Playing everything from hard rock tunes to John Denver’s “Lady,” Kenny Marquez got noticed for his talents as a musician. He notes, “People called me the human jukebox at school. I could play anything. I’ve had that ability as long as I can remember. “

Popular in school theatrical productions (He loves “Annie Get Your Gun”), Kenny was often featured as a soloist at concerts and plays. Although the High School he attended was considered a “rough one,” the music was a way for Kenny to stay out of trouble and create a persona for himself. “I’d bring my […]

The Cave Set to Open

John Denver tribute vocalist Jim Curry has been tapped as the opening act when “The Cave,” Big Bear’s new rock ‘n roll concert hall, opens its doors for the first time to launch its 2013 season. Owner Dave Stone purchased the historic Village Theater, formally a movie theater, after its closing in 2012 and has refurbished the building into a state-of-the-art concert hall. The building has an all new look and feel and Stone has added a dance floor to the front of the room for those who the music move can enjoy. Beer and wine will be served. For more information and tickets to the inaugural show, visit The Cave is at 40789 Village Drive in Big Bear Lake. For more information, call 877-428-9335 or call the Big Bear Lake Reservation Center at 877-825-4388. Jim’s natural voice very much resembles that of singer/songwriter John Denver. Embracing the similarities, Jim continues to sing and specialize in the songs of Denver, sharing John’s positive messages of love, humanity and environmental awareness. The untimely death of John Denver’s in 1997 was a tragedy that was felt the world over. Such a void in the musical world left John’s ardent fans demanding that his music survive. CBS television responded by producing a made for TV movie: “Take Me Home, the John Denver Story” in which Jim landed an off-camera role singing as the voice of John Denver. This experience inspired Jim to produce full–length John Denver tribute concerts. He’s not your usual “Vegas style” impersonator. In fact, he is not an impersonator at all. Jim sings, in his own natural voice, a tribute to the music in a way that has to be seen and heard to understand the pure honesty of his […]

The Cave Targets Lacking Nightlife

Over the last 13 years, Stone, a contractor who divides his time between homes in Big Bear Lake and Glendora, has snatched up property across the San Bernardino Mountains city. He has bought three lodges that had been on the market for years and had fallen into disrepair, converting them into elegant 5-star stopovers. Last year, he bought the Village Theater, the former movie house in the city’s Village shopping district that Stone is now transforming into a live music and comedy venue called The Cave. It is set for a grand opening on June 7 and will feature as its inaugural performer John Denver tribute artist Jim Curry. Stone said he already has 60 acts booked through the summer at the 400-capacity theater, which will feature a dance pit, two balconies, a VIP area and a concession stand serving a variety of beer and wine. “There’s not a bad seat in the house. Anywhere you go you have a great seat,” said Stone, 49, standing in the gutted theater on a recent rainy morning, sawdust blanketing the floor and the shrill of buzzing saws emanating through the building. Stone hopes The Cave will provide Big Bear Lake with what he believes it is sorely lacking: nightlife. But his ultimate vision is much grander: He wants to transform the city into the next Aspen or Vail, Colo., attracting tourists in the higher tax bracket with more refined tastes. And the locals are seeing it. “It’s really a new wave of energized people up here really working to transform Big Bear into what it can be, which is a first-class resort destination,” said Rick Bates, Director of Big Bear Lake’s Events Resources Office. In March, Stone opened a wine room at his […]

Rumours to Appear

The Rumours Ring True….When long time Rooney collaborators Taylor Locke and Ned Brower left a Fab Four Beatles tribute concert in Agoura Hills several years ago, they were moved. Brower explains, “The attention to musical and visual detail was so nuanced, it felt like performance art set against a backdrop of our favorite music.” Locke adds, “We often discussed what band we could replicate in a similar fashion and when we befriended a young, female musician who just happened to sing andplay keys (and be the daughter of Eagles member Joe Walsh), the Rumours concept was born. We parted ways with Lucy Walsh soon after, but with a stroke of good luck, her roommate Jesika Miller turned out to be a dead ringer for Stevie. We then continued our search for our McVies, who we soon found in photographer/filmmaker Rebecca Fishman, and longtime Ben Lee collaborator and former tour mate, Nic Johns.” After playing on their own records and tours for so many years, Locke and Brower found themselves stuck in musical ruts. Locke explains, “It has been very inspiring to have these out of body musical moments. Rock band history is my only hobby outside of playing, and Rumours has allowed me to go to great lengths dissecting the original band. Books, interviews, and endless live clips have been studied in our pursuit of sonic and visual accuracy. Everything down to accurate stage beverages are portrayed in the show which covers the band from ’75 – ’79. We plan to add a second 80′s act next year.” “While we try to stick to the classic album arrangements as much as possible, portraying the young Fleetwood Mac allows, and often requires us to stretch outside the confines […]