18 06, 2018

This Weekend in Big Bear

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Catch those Weekend Vibes!

Big Bear Lake is such an amazing place to attend events. Every week, we fill you in on everything going on throughout the valley of Big Bear Lake. For such a small and quiet town, there is so much going on! We are always putting on events throughout the mountains, the beautiful lake, or the downtown area of Big Bear Lake. What kind of things do you love to do to have fun? Big Bear most likely has what you are looking for.


The Big Bear Lake Brewing Company is a great place to stop by in the downtown area. They make some delicious meals, and you can enjoy them while you witness the brewing process first-hand. The BBL Brewing Company’s food is all prepared with the highest quality ingredients, and put together with the utmost badassery. Check out their California […]

27 03, 2018

An Interview with Hal Ketchum

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A word with the legend

Hal Katchum is a very interesting man, and I had the honor of conducting an interview with him today. Being an active and prolific songwriter for most of his life, my first question was meant to satisfy my curiosity of where his inspiration comes from. He said that he dreams a lot of his songs, and always finds a way to capture it as it comes. “It just comes to me,” he says in a calm and genuine tone of voice. All of Hal’s music comes from a very deep place, where he is blessed with the opportunity to manifest it on the physical plane.

A True Artist

Hal has been a writing music professionally for many years, and still enjoys writing and playing music. After working in the trenches of the music industry for […]

26 03, 2018

An Interview with Cash’d Out: Johnny Cash tribute

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A take for take act of the legendary Johnny Cash

I had the honor of conducting an interview with Douglas Benson, singer of Cash’d Out. Doug is a genuine contributor to the energy Johnny Cash brought to the table. His musical style began to develop as he had lost his job and picked up a guitar. People loved the music he played,  and he had fun playing it. Just like any truly talented individual, Doug had eventually found himself playing music with organic success. “I actually had a pretty good job by the time we started the band. But it was rolling so good, and we were working so much that I figured that I would rather be playing in a band than doing a job. I just jumped off the ledge and quit my job.”


This is a very inspiring story for any musician or artist […]

13 10, 2017

The Legend of Timothy B. Schmit

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Timothy B. Schmit is a tremendously blessed musician. Each project he has been associated with has become a significant success, and he continues to bring amazing music into the world. His legendary role in The Eagles is only the tip of the iceberg. Although his work in The Eagles is what granted him widespread prominence in popular music and entertainment culture, he has also worked with a myriad of well-accomplished musicians to create works that have become concrete cornerstones of the mass paradigm.

Timothy B. Schmit

After joining The Eagles in in 1977, Schmit became one of the most charismatic entertainers in the group. His laid back and confident posture as a bassist is one that brings a straightforward and grounded vibe to the act. Additionally, the sleek and candid style of his voice make for a soothing, yet informative […]

13 09, 2017

Desperado: #1 Tribute to The Eagles

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The legendary 70’s rock band, The Eagles, has made a huge impact on the world. From the radio to Guitar Hero, their music has spread across every outlet and into the ears of the masses. The content of their music has inspired the work of a myriad of musicians throughout their compelling history, as well as served as a corner stone in the lives of the average person.

Calling upon the basic inner workings of the human psyche, The Eagles often touches the hearts of almost every person that hears their music. With general concepts particularized for the average person, they can always relate to their audience. Hotel California, for example, is about consumerism in California and the propaganda served to romanticize California life. Lead guitarist Don Felder spoke about it in an interview. “As you’re driving in Los Angeles at night, […]

16 05, 2017

Los Lonely Boys

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Becoming successful requires a particular combination of diligence and faith. There are risks to take and challenges to overcome in every step of the journey toward the conscious manifestation of our dreams. For Los Lonely Boys, a unique Texan Latino rock band consisting of three brothers, their journey had led them toward the creation of inspirational music and subsequent worldwide fame. However, this success did not come without hard work and perseverance. Neither was it achieved without the simple acceptance that it can be possible.

The father of the trio, Ringo Garza Sr., had raised his sons in a musical household. Garza Sr created a band called the Falcones, and had inspired his sons to take on his legacy. “Our father was our biggest influence,” Bassist Jojo explains. “He showed us all kinds of music – of his music, as well as the music of a lot of the greats.”

Throughout […]

30 03, 2016

Wynonna & The Big Noise

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Tickets Times
General Admission: $70 Doors: 6:30 PM
Balcony/Mezzanine: $125 Opener: 7:30 PM
Click Here To Buy Tickets To Wynonna & The Big Noise Wynonna & The Big Noise: 9PM

About Wynonna & The Big Noise:

WYNONNA and her band The Big Noise, led by her husband/drummer/producer, Cactus Moser, released their debut full-length album in February 2016 via Curb Records to critical acclaim. RollingStone.com’s Stephen L. Betts raved, “…Wynonna & The Big Noise brings a raw, unvarnished approach to the album’s dozen tracks, which run the gamut from gutsy blues to sweet, Seventies-inspired country-pop. While the LP is a natural for the wide-open Americana format, Wynonna’s legions of country fans will feel right at home…” WYNONNA […]

16 03, 2016

Suzy Bogguss at The Cave

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About Suzy Bogguss

Suzy Bogguss didn’t set out to craft a Merle Haggard tribute record. Some might call that serendipity; she just calls it Lucky.

“Merle Haggard is a hell of a storyteller,” says Suzy. “When I hear his songs, I feel like I’m listening in on someone’s life.” On her new album, Lucky, a collection of songs all written by Haggard, Suzy does more than just listen—the CMA, ACM and Grammy Award-winning singer makes the country rebel’s compositions her own, reinterpreting classics like “The Bottle Let Me Down,” “Silver Wings” and “Today I Started Loving You Again” from a female point of view.

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“Merle is one of the most masculine songwriters I’ve ever heard, and I’ve been watching boys cover his music for years. I just thought, ‘Why […]

25 02, 2016

Moonshine Bandits at The Cave!

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Don’t call it hick-hop — not unless you want a squint-eyed glare and a little (playful) attitude from Moonshine Bandits.

Sure, intense rhymes spin through parts of Blacked Out, the latest and greatest album to date from MSB, a.k.a. Bird and Tex, two good ol’ boys from California’s Central Valley. But there’s a lot more than that in their 100-proof grooves. Crunchy guitar, Southern rock swagger — hell, there’s even some vocal harmony in the mix.

You see, long before people figured out that country and rap had a lot in common, Bird and Tex were blending these styles and pouring other influences into the mix. The result was a highly flammable combination, so daring that most of those who heard it couldn’t figure out how to react.

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Others got, […]