14 05, 2018

Your Trip to Big Bear: Food & Entertainment

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So Much to do, so little time to do it!

Big Bear is such an beautiful place to visit, filled with some amazing people and delicious food. For being such a small town, there is so much to do! The entire town is packed with a great array or possible things to do, and all of the options are almost overwhelming! So I’d like to provide some guidance from a local’s perspective.

The Boneyard Dish of the Week: Pulled Pork Irish Nachos

The Bone Yard Bar and Grill, a new restaurant in The Village has a wide selection of delicious meals to choose from, so it is rather difficult to decide which one to highlight! This appetizer caught my eye from the first time I saw it, because it is a jam packed dish with wholesome ingredients. I had trouble […]

16 04, 2018

Best Places to Eat in Big Bear Lake

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The Village of Big Bear Lake is filled with some of the best restaurants in the Socal area. Here are some of our favorites!


Big Bear Lake Brewing Company


Enjoy an entertaining and unique GastroPub Environment set with Craft Beers, Liquors, and Spirits along with a strapping selection of refreshing beverages. And of course what is a Restaurant without food? To compliment the wide choice of refreshments, we have a contemporary American GastroPub styled Menu Serving Gourmet Artisan dishes, daily for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.

Visit The Brewing Company!



572 Social Kitchen & Lounge

(909) 878-0307

Located right on the Big Bear Village strip, 572 Social exudes the feel good vibes with their […]

23 01, 2018

The Legendary Jefferson Starship

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They are coming to Big Bear!

The legendary Jefferson Starship, originally named Jefferson Airplane, has taken the world ever since the release of White Rabbit in 1967. They were another amazing band that had sprung out from the booming cultural scene in the 60’s. Although the band’s talent made them stick out among their already shining cohort, it was their insight as songwriters that had set them apart from most other bands.

The White Rabbit

One of the most versatile bands, Jefferson Starship has experienced a great deal of major transformations throughout the years. Around each turn of events, the band still hypnotizes the world with psychedelic, yet practically relatable  music. The song “White Rabbit” was one that had captured the attention of basically everybody, shedding light on experience with consciousness and drug use (legal and illegal). This song was especially capturing because of the revealing insight on […]

2 01, 2018

Billy Joel: The Piano Man Tribute

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The Early years

Billy Joel had found his creative muse early in life. He discovered his love for music when he learned his first song. His piano lessons consisted of the usual classical training, and he did very well at it. Eventually, he got bored with reading music and began to write his own. To make his mother think he was playing the songs assigned to him, he would improvise classical music. Billy rarely remembered what he had played the day before, so he would make up a new song. The daily repetition of writing song after song made Billy a genius composer and entertainer.

When Billy was 5 years old, his father abandoned him and his mother. He was also not a very good student in school, because he would spend his time playing with his bands rather than doing […]