A difficult Upbringing

Shwayze has an interesting twist on acoustic rock and hip hop. His music is simple and practical, allowing the listener to understand his point while grooving with it. His choruses are full of catchy and engaging nuances, while his verses contain provocative anecdotes. The music is relatable throughout the entire piece, while sparing no expense on entertainment.


Growing up in a less fortunate upbringing, Shwayze had grown up working for his grandfather doing handy man work. He had worked hard as a kid in Malibu, as his family struggled to make a descent living. Even as a child, he worked harder than most individuals. On top of his basic responsibilities, he still gave himself the time to practice music. He developed himself well and quickly became a hardworking leader. It was this paradigm that fostered an attitude and perspective which led him to the right place and time as Shwayze’s opportunities came.

Fortune Favors the Bold

During a show in 2005, Shwayze decided to go up on stage and freestyle some instrumentals and words. This courage was natural to him, given the way he has had to live throughout his life. His music was edgy and meaningful, shedding light on the passionate and hardworking lifestyle he lives. The headlining band observed his performance, deeply impressed by his style. The time after his performance, he had nurtured these connections and worked hard to refine his music and record it. Each step he took on this path led him to another, as he embarked on his journey toward his destiny.

For the most part, it was Shwayze’s boldness and perseverance that led him to success in the music industry. His ability to rise past his current status, and make a life for himself in music goes to show that it is possible to live a life you desire. Shwayze did not let his position in society stop him from putting himself out there. Some people lack the courage to come onto stage and play their music to a big audience, but he didn’t take his life’s opportunities for granted.

Live Performance

Shwayze’s story is one of true perseverance and love for one’s craft. His performance is exciting and inspirational at the same time, leaving space for an amazing show. We are excited to have him in Big Bear this Saturday as the first weekend of shows for 2018! If you’re interested in going to the show, you can check out the link for tickets below!

January 6th | 6:30pm | $15 | Full Bar | All Ages

Tickets Available here!