A take for take act of the legendary Johnny Cash

I had the honor of conducting an interview with Douglas Benson, singer of Cash’d Out. Doug is a genuine contributor to the energy Johnny Cash brought to the table. His musical style began to develop as he had lost his job and picked up a guitar. People loved the music he played,  and he had fun playing it. Just like any truly talented individual, Doug had eventually found himself playing music with organic success. “I actually had a pretty good job by the time we started the band. But it was rolling so good, and we were working so much that I figured that I would rather be playing in a band than doing a job. I just jumped off the ledge and quit my job.”


This is a very inspiring story for any musician or artist in general. It may take a lot of faith and hard work, and courage to plunge into the uncertainty. However, it is well worth it to invest in something that you enjoy doing, rather than working a job that you don’t care about in hopes that you will find the position that you seek. I appreciate the message Doug brings in tribute to one of the most influential musicians of all time.

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Left with an Impression

“Some people are impressionists. These guys leave an impression.” Says Bill Miller, owner of JohnnyCash.com, about Cash’d Out (Douglas Benson vocals, George Bernardo drums, and Stephen Rey bass), a San Diego based band, that channels Johnny Cash in about as close a manner to the real thing as it gets. After eleven years, hundreds of thousands of miles on the road and many more fans, those fans continually tell the group how grateful they are that Cash’d Out carries the torch of the Johnny Cash Show.

Besides music critics anointing Cash’d Out the “next best thing to Johnny Cash” the highlights have been many: W.S. Holland, Cash’s longtime drummer, has sat in with Cash’d Out; front man, Douglas Benson, has played Johnny’s cherry sunburst Guild guitar (courtesy of Mr.Miller); “Cindy Cash came to a show and was moved to give me a glass locket that was her father’s,” explains Benson; and longtime Cash manager Lou Robin has also been to several Cash’d Out shows, and claimed that if he closed it eyes it was like “going back in time.”

The band’s live shows respectfully reference the late, great Man in Black’s Sun Records and early Columbia era sound, combined with the energy of the classic multi-platinum live recordings from Folsom Prison and San Quentin. The group’s genuine love (and authentic recreation) of Johnny Cash’s music and its universal appeal fans of all ages and of virtually all musical genres makes each Cash’d Out show a must-see event.

Opening act: The JackPot Club

When does something that by first appearances looks or seems retro, actually become a new and different thing altogether? It’s hard to do, and believe me people have tried with varying degrees of success. But, that is just what is happening with a band out of Orange County California, THE JACKPOT CLUB!

By first appearances THE JACKPOT CLUB would seem like any other ‘rockabilly’ band. Take a twangy guitar and an upright bass and mix in a swingin’ drummer, salt to taste, etc. But, after listening to TJC take the crowd through a set or two of their music you begin to realize that this is much more than just a ‘rockabilly’ band! No other trio would take the crowd (in one set, mind you) from bar-room rock-n-roll of NRBQ to Peggy Lee’s ‘Fever‘! Who would dare move from the Las Vegas swing of Sam Butera to Nick Lowe’s punky power-pop to Louis Jordan’s rhythm and boogie? THE JACKPOT CLUB dares, and does!

Many bands show up to play music, But nobody entertains like THE JACKPOT CLUB!

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