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An interview with Malo

Malo is an American latin rock band from San Francisco, featuring the brother of Carlos Santana, Jorge Santana. The band was oblivious to this when they recruited him to join Malo. “He came and auditioned, and he was good so we added him.” says front man Arcelio Garcia. In fact, they didn’t find out until 2 years later when Carlos came to one of their performances. Carlos and Jorge acted very familiar toward each other, which confused the band, until Arcelio asked Carlos if he knew Jorge. He was shocked to discover their tie in blood, and the degree of Jorge’s modesty.

Malo’s lead singer, Arcelio Garcia, had first started his musical journey as a funk singer. His mother said, “why don’t you play salsa?” and that simple suggestion influenced the trajectory of the rest of his life. He was told he was a bad kid, so they called the band Malo.

Arcelio also said that they will be releasing their 15th album for their 48th anniversary, which will encompass Latin R&B and rock. “I Just Want To Dance” will be the name of one of the songs.

The band has been through a lot throughout their long journey as a group. In the 70’s, they were discriminated against. They were such a minority that it felt as though they were “a brown spot on the white wall.” However, they kept moving forward, and eventually they were on tour with Fleetwood Mac. Additionally, Fleetwood Mac began to open for Malo a week into the tour! “Bill Graham wanted to book us before we were ready,” Arcelio reminisced.

Malo is a band whose integrity has stood the test of time and adversity, and had kept strong through every turn in their journey. Their inspiring music is indicative of their hard work and passion, as well as their desire to succeed in what they love.

Malo will be at The Cave this Saturday, September 2nd!

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