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Blue Oyster Cult: An Epic origin

Blue Oyster Cult is an incredibly insightful and imaginative band. Their music and lyrics are rather articulate in the way it is structured and conveyed, and certainly not among the status quo in the niche of rock and roll. Yet, despite the subtle complexities in the arrangements of their music, they still manage to deliver it in a package that the average person can easily understand and digest.

Originally named multiple times, the band had been through a lot of changes. The most notable of original names is Soft White Underbelly, which is a reference to Winston Churchill’s perception of Italy in World War II. He had seen Italy as the weak spot he could take advantage of to defeat Germany. The name Blue Oyster Cult comes from a poem the manager had written about a group of blue aliens who clandestinely guide and manipulate the history and speciation of the human race, and the logo comes from the symbol for the Greek God, Kronos (or Saturn) who was the god of time and harvest. The Grim Reaper, and iconic image conveyed by the band, has also likely originated from this god. The name Blue Oyster Cult that was conceived by the poem was strange and difficult to accept for the band at first. However, it grew on them and they began the work on their first official album.

Since their emergence, Blue Oyster Cult has been developing their music and act, and continue to do so. Their amicable and eclectic style make them interesting and exciting for a wide variety of artists. We are honored to have them at The Cave on September 23rd! Opening the show is local LA band Fused by Defiance!

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