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Dead Man’s Party

Oingo Boingo has had a rather interesting history. As they formed in 1972 under The Mystic Knights of Oingo Boingo, their goal was to develop a interdisciplinary performance art act. The leader of the band is Danny Elfman, an American composer and songwriter, who has completed extensive works in film scores with industry legends such as Tim Burton. The band put together a theatrical performance with an eclectic mix of ska, rock, pop, and world music. As the band evolved, they transformed into an 8 piece ska influenced new wave band. As they went through this transformation, they decided to shorten their name to Boingo. Since then, they achieved significant success until their retirement in 1995. In their last show before retirement, they looked back at their history and called themselves Oingo Boingo in a fit of reminiscent and conclusive nostalgia.

Now, to honor the work Oingo Boingo had done in the world of music, a band had emerged to continue their legacy. Dead Man’s Party: tribute to Oingo Boingo are coming to The Cave to play the first show in their California tour. These guys have been joined on stage by multiple original Oingo Boingo members, and are holding the space for when the band inevitably reunites.

Dead Man’s Party will come to play at The Cave on Saturday, October 7th! Bring your friends and come have some drinks made by our talented bartenders!

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