The legendary 70’s rock band, The Eagles, has made a huge impact on the world. From the radio to Guitar Hero, their music has spread across every outlet and into the ears of the masses. The content of their music has inspired the work of a myriad of musicians throughout their compelling history, as well as served as a corner stone in the lives of the average person.

Calling upon the basic inner workings of the human psyche, The Eagles often touches the hearts of almost every person that hears their music. With general concepts particularized for the average person, they can always relate to their audience. Hotel California, for example, is about consumerism in California and the propaganda served to romanticize California life. Lead guitarist Don Felder spoke about it in an interview. “As you’re driving in Los Angeles at night, you can see the glow of the energy and the lights of Hollywood and Los Angeles for 100 miles out in the desert. And on the horizon, as you’re driving in, all of these images start coming into your mind of the propaganda and advertisement you’ve experienced about California. In other words, the movie stars, the stars on Hollywood Boulevard, the beaches, bikinis, palm trees, all those images that you see and that people think of when they think of California start running through your mind. You’re anticipating that. That’s all you know of California.”

Desperado has proved time and time again to be a perfect interpretation of The Eagles’ music. They are so close to the original band that the former CEO of Atlantic Records, Jerry Greenberg, fondly touted the band as “The finest replication of Eagles songs I’ve ever heard”. The band consists of some very accomplished musicians. The front man and band founder, Aaron Broering, has a BA in music education and has released some critically acclaimed original material. His debut CD, “The Road Less Traveled”, has been well received by Orange county music critique Robert Kinsler. He has successfully led several other professional projects, such as a Pink Floyd and U2 tribute bands. Aaron’s current endeavor includes the former members of The Beach Boys called The Surf City All-Stars.

The members of Desperado are all extremely talented and well trained musicians. We are blessed to have them at The Cave on October 21st!

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