The Cave Big Bear

Dokken Live at The Cave

Dokken is Coming!

Dokken, the heavy metal classic, has been playing off and on for the last 30 to 40 years. The band is making runs through the US on their tour, and they are stopping in Big Bear this Saturday! With two original members in the band, Dokken is ready to bring the fire of their legendary performance. The current lineup is Don Dokken, Jon Levin, “Wild” Mick Brown, and Chris McCarvill. Singer Don Dokken is the founder of the band, having started it with an opportunity to sign to a German record label. The deal enticed three of his associates to join, whom would soon become the original line up of Dokken.

Now, after a long ride of twists and turns the last 40 years, they are still ready for anything! Make sure to get your tickets now, for we are not sure if it will be sold out at the door. As you can tell, the road that Dokken has traveled has been long and complicated, but there is no end in site. Dokken continues to tour and rock the world with their brand of driving heavy metal. What’s next on this road? You’ll just have to jump on for the ride and see for yourself!

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