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DSB – Juan Castillo Interview

On October 28th 2017, The Cave will once again be home to the world’s premier Journey tribute band DSB, short for Don’t Stop Belivin’, and we recently had the pleasure of speaking with Juan Del Castillo–frontman and lead singer.

Del Castillo began his career over 9 years ago when he responded to an ad of a different Journey Tribute band in search of a lead singer. Shortly after joining the first band he realized it was something he could excel at and decided to form his own band to focus on the music of Journey rather than looking like Journey…thus DSB was born.

As we were talking about the history of DSB, I was curious to know if there was a significant moment in the group’s history. Del Castillo instantly responded with a memory from a show they played in Santa Clarita, Ca., back when they were just up and coming, where they were met with “a wall of people singing ‘Don’t Stop Believin,'” which proved to be a huge motivating factor for the, at the time, new band.

Music is hard. Keeping a band together is even harder but DSB prides itself on each member being highly supportive of one another. Today, DSB consists of well established industry musicians including Juan Del Castillo as lead vocalist, Tony Love on bass, Roger Cain on guitar, Henry O’Neill on keyboards and Danny Berglund on drums.

When asked if playing the same songs gets old Del Castillo says of performing “it hasn’t lost it’s shine.” He and the rest of the guys feed off of fan reaction and seem to prefer playing in intimate settings to share their art, and connect with the crowd in a more meaningful way. They have gigged all over the world in arenas, clubs, major cruise ships, etc…but Del Castillo says his favorite place to play is on the beach just feet from the ocean.

They also have a lot of love for Big Bear Lake having been invited to play at The Cave multiple times and The Discovery Center’s “Music In The Mountains” 8 years in a row. He credits the event organizers as well as local fans for investing in DSB and coming back year after year.

The thing that stands out about Del Castillo is his passion for what he does. I wondered what Juan might be doing if not singing and we talked about his interest in the criminal justice system, but he was undoubtedly born to be a singer claiming that “I didn’t follow bands I gravitated toward singers such as Freddie Mercury (Queen), Lou Graham (Foreigner), and ultimately to Steve Perry (Journey).” If you haven’t heard or seen DSB…the guy can flat out wail, and the band shreds just as hard as it’s San Francisco Bay Area inspirations.

During our conversation, Del Castillo mentioned he had been living in Las Vegas for the past 5 years so I felt compelled to ask him how he was doing in light of the recent tragedies that happened in a place he calls home.

“It’s been a bit of a somber time” he said. “There is healing in friends. There is healing in family, and there is healing in music. If everyone can just look at what they can do to help, then nothing negative can come from that. With DSB we’ve found a way to help,” music!

We are very thankful that Juan Del Castillo, Danny Berglund, Tony Love, Roger Cain, and Henry O’Neil are able to continue their musical mission to heal, bring joy, and to touch the hearts and souls of their millions of fans worldwide, and hope they do for many years to come.

Del Castillo says of his first time performing at The Cave, in Big Bear Lake, CA., “that night was unforgettable, it felt like home, and we’ve been trying to get back ever since.”

I have seen a lot of tribute bands and these guys sound as close to the real thing as any of them. Please join us in making their return as magical as the first time. To our readers I will leave you with this…live, laugh, love, listen to music, and whatever you do “Don’t Stop Believin!”

Doors 6:30PM | Opening Act 7:30PM | Headlining Act 9PM

$20 | $30 | $40 + applicable fees.

Tables are available for reservation. Call the box office for more information.

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