Whiskey, Women, and US Patriotism

What are you doing on Friday the 13th? We’re going to be partying with a badass country rap group.

Moonshine Bandits formed in 2003, debuting their act with the album Soggy Crackerz (Soaked in Beer). Moonshine Bandits are all about partying,  reverence for God, and the “red, white, and blue collar”. They bring a sense of celebration wherever they go because they are proud of where they come from. As they say, ““If you ain’t proud of where you’re from, get the hell out of town”.

Moonshine Party

The Moonshine Bandits are one of the most fun loving and high energy bands we have seen here at The Cave, and we have had some pretty crazy acts. Their music is all about coming together and having a good time, while paying tribute to the things that have blessed us with this good life. The Moonshine Bandits are going to be bringing the fire to The Cave on Friday the 13th! Check out a little behind the scenes video from them!

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