A Man with a Gift

Graham Russell is a the founder of the popular Australian 80’s band, Air Supply.  He and Russell Hitchcock (lead vocalist and front man) have worked together for years creating music that  became very popular in Australia and Asia, and later the US.

Graham Russell is a true musician. When asks what inspires him to play music, he spoke as if the question was already answered before he had the chance to analyse it. “Its the only thing I really know how to do,” he says with a proud and cheerful tone. He has been playing music since he was 10 years old, and is as much into the flow of it now as when he was a child. “It’s part of my DNA now. I play every day. My work is writing and playing music. It’s a great life and I love it.”

The Collaboration of Kindred Spirits

Graham was a prolific musician throughout his entire career up through the launch of Air Supply. He was involved in Jesus Christ Superstars, a rock opera that made a Broadway debut in 1971. When he went in to his first day, he had a plethora of original music stuffed in his notebooks. There, he met Russell Hitchcock. As soon as he heard Hitchcock sing, a switch went off. He resonated with his voice, and realized that he wanted Hitchcock to sing his songs. They became great friends, and created a small band around the time they spent at Jesus Christ Superstar.

They spent time developing their act by performing at locals bars and concert venues. With hard work, they had eventually acquired a significant following. By the time Jesus Christ Superstar was finished, they had already recorded 2 songs and the release already made it to number 1 in Australia. “The success was rather quick under those terms, and things happened really quick for us,” Graham says.

The stars aligned and everything had fallen into place for Graham and Russell. Their first show as Air Supply after Superstar was in front of 90 thousand people at The Sydney Opera House. They did not yet break sufficiently, however. They were popular in Australia, but had yet to make their mark on the US. So they began to work from the bottom again in order to expand their reach, something most people are terrified to do. Regardless of the situation one finds themselves in, a commitment brings everything together. There was an energy that was created with the collaboration of these two gifted musicians. There is something about the mojo of a team that foreshadows success, despite the difficulty of the obstacles.

The Perfect Team

The most impressive aspect of the partnership between Graham and Russell is the respectful understanding between the two. Each of them has their role, and each delivers it beautifully. Graham writes the songs, and Russell sings it. There is no egoistical quarrel or competition, which allows them to do their job and help each other in the most efficient and effective ways possible. This is an archetype up and coming musicians should model their business under.

In conclusion, Graham is a true musician. He lives his highest truth, and doesn’t fall into a monotonous cycle of superficial production.  Each day Graham lives is another day the world gets a dose of genuine music. We are blessed to have them at The Cave in our beloved town of Big Bear Lake, especially considering the fact that Air Supply usually doesn’t play New Years shows. Hit up Air Supply at The Cave on December 30th, New Years Eve!

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