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An Interview with Stones and Stewart

The music written by one of the most iconic bands will be echoing through The Cave on September 9th. Jumping Jack Flash, a critically acclaimed Rolling Stones tribute act, will be offering a historical performance of one of the best rock and roll bands of all time.

Jumping Jack Flash front man, Young Hutchinson, has developed this highly successful act naturally. “All of us tend to be drawn to what we are good at,” Hutchinson says about the tribute act. “We found that we were good at it, because the audience reacted well. Fast forward, and we are playing in front of hundreds of thousands of people.”

They are always developing their act to make it fresh and better every time, incorporating new aspects of the performance. “We tried to expand potential for opps by injecting a theater experience. It’s not just a tribute performance. We have expanded it to include a stones and stewart show. We have also included a dynamic with humor.”

Even though the development of the act was relatively natural, it was still incredibly difficult to fulfill. There were numerous obstacles and hardships that Young expressed. “There were lots of highs and lows. If you look at the history of any band, including the biggest bands, all of them have stories. Once in San Diego, there were only 6 people in the audience. When we discovered this, we decided to give them the best performance we could. We said ‘these people paid to see us, lets give them a great show.’” That type of character carried them through to the point where they sold out an amphitheater years later.

What makes Jumping Jack unique is the historical procession they provide throughout the show. All of the music is chronologically performed in theatrical ways, in order to convey the journey The Rolling Stones has been through the past several decades. 

Accompanying Young Hutchinson in Jumping Jack Flash is Gregory Wolf as Rod Stewart. Wolf is also a very accomplished musician and performer. His act as a Stewart tribute performance has also developed rather naturally due to his physical resemblance to Rod Stewart. Wolf has spent his career traveling the world as a performer, and has developed a strong fan base in Southeast Asia.

“What I’m doing with these guys, it just makes sense,” Wolf says about his partnership with Jumping Jack Flash. He also has been writing original material for 20 years, and wants to publish that so he can inspire and affect people in a positive way.


The performance of Jumping Jack Flash and Gregory Wolf as Rod Stewart is a memorable experience, and will be “swaggering and staggering at The Cave on September 9th”.

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