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An Interview with Super Diamond


Recently, we have had the pleasure of speaking with and interviewing Super Diamond’s frontman, Randy Cordero. He is a very cool guy, and we enjoyed picking his brain.

His love for music started early on in his childhood. His first 8 track his parents gave him was one of Neil Diamond’s. As he grew up, he was influenced by other bands in the 70’s and 80’s new wave age. These influences and his passion for music formed him into what he is today.

His band has accomplished a great deal, both collectively and individually. I asked him what the journey was like to create this band. He said, “ we had no idea we were going to end up doing what we did. We thought it would be fun to play Neil Diamond songs in San Francisco clubs. A lot of the band members were working on original music, and the Diamond tribute was just a side project. He had been covering Neil for years.” The audience began to really appreciate what they did to honor Neil and his music, and the band decided to give them more of what they wanted.

Super Diamond has even been recognized by Neil himself, and have played on stage with him. “It was surreal. He came backstage, and I asked him if he would like to sing a song, and he said yes. I couldn’t believe it.” He felt blessed to be thanked by the man himself for doing what they did in their tribute to him. Neil then invited them to his VIP room in the House of Blues Hollywood and got to party with the legend. “And the next year he played with us again.”

His band was pretty big in Hollywood, and it is believed that they inspired the movie “Saving Silverman”. They played at the premiere party for the movie, which gave them another chance to perform with Neil, as well as Jack Black.

The entire band consists of very talented and accomplished musicians. They have been “spreading the good word of Neil” around America for the last 23 years, and expect to continue for the next 25 years. Their future plans are to expand to Europe and the rest of the world.

Through all this success in the tribute act, they still focus on their original music. Each member has their own personal and collective projects in the works. The band is recording music right now, and will release it under a new name. One of Randy’s past projects is the Tijuana Stripclub, produced 10 years ago.

In the beginning, when they first started, people would ask what kind of band they are. When they said that it was a Neil Diamond tribute, some would make fun of them and Neil. They kept going, unphased and rather entertained by the criticism. As they moved forward, Neil’s music began to be culturally recognized on a broader scale. People began to see that Neil had written so many iconic songs, and didn’t even realize that it was his music. Their journey was rather smooth, other than the monotonous task of building the audience and investing in their platform.

What makes Super Diamond unique is that they don’t do a strict tribute to Neil. They add riffs and iconic sounds from other archetypal rock and roll bands. They sometimes add a Led Zeppelin riff at the end of a song, and do mashups with songs of different artists. There are many subtle salutes to the entire era of musicians that brought them up. So when you see Super Diamond live, you get more than just a tribute to one band. You get a taste of what made many rock and roll band so special.

Catch them at The Cave on Saturday, August 26th!

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