Timothy B. Schmit is a tremendously blessed musician. Each project he has been associated with has become a significant success, and he continues to bring amazing music into the world. His legendary role in The Eagles is only the tip of the iceberg. Although his work in The Eagles is what granted him widespread prominence in popular music and entertainment culture, he has also worked with a myriad of well-accomplished musicians to create works that have become concrete cornerstones of the mass paradigm.

Timothy B. Schmit

After joining The Eagles in in 1977, Schmit became one of the most charismatic entertainers in the group. His laid back and confident posture as a bassist is one that brings a straightforward and grounded vibe to the act. Additionally, the sleek and candid style of his voice make for a soothing, yet informative feature. Schmit’s song, “I Can’t Tell you Why”is an iconic Eagles song. With simple and catchy instrumentals, and practically revealing lyrics, it is certainly a song remembered by The Eagles. All of these things and much more make Timothy B. Schmit a keystone in The Eagles’ performance.

Now, Schmit is touring to promote “Leap of Faith”, his latest album released in 2016. This album is a free flowing jam with satisfying structure, for Schmit always manages to find a strong balance with his music. One of my favorite songs is”You’re so Wild”, because of the appropriate mix of acoustic and rock music. The song “The Island” is very impressive as well. The nostalgic summer vibes, easy going structure, and intrinsic harmonies certainly manifest the feeling of being on a tropical island with no worries at all. Check the album out here! http://spoti.fi/2yasvET

Overall, we are very blessed to have Schmit here to play in Big Bear. With such an iconic and well established musician, we will be able to enjoy nothing less than an amazing performance.

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