They are coming to Big Bear!

The legendary Jefferson Starship, originally named Jefferson Airplane, has taken the world ever since the release of White Rabbit in 1967. They were another amazing band that had sprung out from the booming cultural scene in the 60’s. Although the band’s talent made them stick out among their already shining cohort, it was their insight as songwriters that had set them apart from most other bands.

The White Rabbit

One of the most versatile bands, Jefferson Starship has experienced a great deal of major transformations throughout the years. Around each turn of events, the band still hypnotizes the world with psychedelic, yet practically relatable  music. The song “White Rabbit” was one that had captured the attention of basically everybody, shedding light on experience with consciousness and drug use (legal and illegal). This song was especially capturing because of the revealing insight on the story “Alice in Wonderland”, a nostalgic staple in the minds of multiple generations.

The story of Alice in Wonderland had quite a few interesting messages in it. It is filled with subtle suggestions regarding the fascinating phenomena of transient existence, and the altering of ones state of consciousness. This story was published in 1986, and it still provides very interesting insight to our day to day lives. One very interesting character in that story was the Dormouse, one that is spoken of in White Rabbit.

The lyrics are “Remember what the Dormouse said. Feed your head.” It seems as though the song writer is remembering that the Dormouse said those words, however the Dormouse actually never said “Feed your head”.  I believe that they were merely imploring the listener to remember the things that Dormouse said, and then further imploring you to equip yourself with education and facilitate a productive life (feed your head). The Dormouse had communicated some pretty interesting concepts about life, some lines worth remembering. In the following quote, he speaks about conscious awareness and unconscious behavior. It sheds light on how we perceive the happening of our being. It is such an interesting phenomenon to be alive and conscious, and to be aware of our unconscious behavior.

`You might just as well say,’ added the Dormouse, who seemed to be talking in his sleep, `that “I breathe when I sleep” is the same thing as “I sleep when I breathe”!’

They are performing live on January 27th!

Jefferson Starship will be in The Cave on Saturday, January 27th. With a 2 million dollar stage, all age admittance, and a full bar, The Cave is one of Big Bear’s brightest highlights for everyone.

Also, if you are staying at a lodge in Big Bear Lake, you might be able to receive discounted tickets!

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