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Pink Floyd: Another Brick in the Wall

Surely one of the greatest rock bands of all time, Pink Floyd has captured the world and has inspired a significant section of the population. Standing as a prominent pillar in the world of music since the 60’s, they have made great contributions to the library of music that will be remembered for centuries. Psychedelic, yet concrete, their works have been praised in the music business as some of the most the most commercially viable in music history.

Although their music is very well constructed and catchy, I think the most important aspect of their work is the highly influential message. The concepts they write about are universal in our society, and inspire the common man to rise above the status quo and become a great contributor to the development and overall evolution of our society’s culture. Their sequel song, “Another Brick in the Wall”, is a chilling confrontation of the modern paradigm. The music video made for the song takes place in an educational facility. It conveys the restriction and suppression the teachers and administration enforce upon the students, and the standardization of every student in order to mold their thoughts and feelings into a box. Certain analyses depict the teachers as the government and the students as the people, and hold the conviction that the government systematically alienates the people against their talents and aspirations in order to create a orderly and easily controllable population. This depiction is very dramatic, and while I don’t disregard this perspective, I also think that the situation we live in is far more complicated than that. I see the facility of the school as the paradigm of our society, which has been molded by beliefs developed throughout multiple millennia. The teachers are enforcing their authority upon the students, but it is only because society has accepted that order of functioning and has continued to perpetuate it. For these reasons, I believe that each time someone fails to speak their truth and bring their highest potential into the world adds “another brick in the wall”.The system only works if the majority of people accept and follow suit. Those who do not accept it are only seen as outcasts if they are the minority, and are ineffective in influencing change because they are naturally divided. The eruption of chaotic upheaval represents the collective stir of desire and the attempt to conceive a different order that allows them to express their talents and ideas in a more productive way.

I believe that Pink Floyd was conveying a very important message that is crucial to the current stage of the zeitgeist we live under. The systematic education of any society is imperative because every organization of any kind needs order and participation. This requires the majority of the group (society in this case) to follow suit and contribute to the whole. However, there is a caveat to this basic aspect of organization. When the routines required to function become automatic, and people can become lost in convention, they forget the original purpose of the routine. The result is what we see in a section of today’s society; a mass of zombies just conscious enough to complete the tasks at work, yet not conscious enough to enjoy life and offer their talents to the world in a truly productive and inspiring way. Instead of being the best they can be, some people focus on acquiring resources and territory in order to prove that they have achieved something. Some people take advantage of modern-day technology in order to feel comfortable, and simultaneously take it for granted. Although this may be the loudest societal phenomenon, it certainly does not represent the entirety of our society. What we are seeing today is a reawakening of the conscious mind, and the deactivation of auto-pilot. Many people are beginning to see the countless blessings bestowed upon life, and how they can take positive advantage of it to offer their talents to the world in a productive and beautiful way.

In conclusion, Pink Floyd has a plethora of very inspiring and well designed music. We will be having a group of very talented and well accomplished musicians at The Cave in December to play the best of Pink Floyd. The band is called Which One’s Pink? and perform a very respectable tribute to the legendary Pink Floyd. If you enjoy the music of Pink Floyd, you will certainly enjoy Which One’s Pink! Bring the friends who seek an inspiring performance, and you will find some solace and resolve in the crazy world we live in today. Cheers!

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