Puddle of Mudd’s Origin

Sometimes you have to walk through some shit to get to where you want to go in life. For Puddle of Mudd, that’s quite literally what they had to do to get their band started. Their practice space was right next to the Missouri river, which always flooded and forced them to “walk through a pile of shit” in order to get there. Even though there were always some muddy obstacles in their path, they never let it stop them. In fact, they embraced the difficulties that they were forced to face and made it a part of their identity. With persistence, they worked their way through an album and proudly called themselves Puddle of Mudd for all the obstacles they overcame on that Missouri River levee. The band was formed in Kansas City with Wes Scantlin (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Jimmy Allen (lead guitar), Sean Sammon (bass), and Kenny Burkitt (drums).

The Break Up

After their second album release, various reasons led to the break of the band. After some time, Scantlin got in touch with Fred Durst, who liked his demo and brought him out to California to see about getting the band together. With some work with new musicians, he was able to rebuild the band and release some major label records.

Ask Puddle of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin about the writing and recording of the album Volume 4: Songs in the Key of Love & Hate, and he responds with the same spirit of carefree wanderlust that defines his band: “It’s all easy peezy, dude, no big deal at all…”

Not to him, maybe. Wes Scantlin is custom-made for the new millennium, a rock star without the pretense, and a frontman whose spontaneity propels his offstage personality as much as it does his onstage delivery. “Wes is constantly adjusting to the vibe in the room, throwing his flavor in there and constantly trying to make people laugh,” explains bassist Doug Ardito. “He doesn’t do the David Lee Roth thing, where he delivers the same lines every night, he’s completely off-the-cuff.

The Good Times

After a constantly evolving 30 year story, Puddle of Mudd has been going strong ever since. They have always put on a great show here in Big Bear, and we are excited to have them back in June! If you’re interested in experiencing this concert, you can get tickets in the link below!

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