Secondhand Serenade is led by California based musician, John Vesely. Vesely began his journey with nothing but an acoustic guitar and a foresight of the upcoming state of the music industry. With social media in it’s infancy, there was little musicians and labels could do to take advantage of it. Now, social media is a major tool for the promotion and distribution of music, all thanks to artists like Secondhand Serenade, who came forward and found a way to tame the frontier.

Vesely released his first album with a brand new record label on an incredibly underdeveloped social media platform. Despite the obstacles, the album quickly became a social sensation. They launched extremely successful tours, appeared on a myriad of television shows, and shot to the top of the radio charts. Now, after 10 years of intermission, the band has come out with a 10 years anniversary album and a large scale tour. The album has the remastered versions of the first album, along with 2 new songs. “I really wanted to update these songs and give them a bit of a fuller sound without changing the emotion and vibe. My fans have always gravitated towards these songs and this style so it was important to enhance them without changing the way they make my listeners feel” says Vesely. “Even the two additional songs I added still capture the vibe of the original album. I just can’t wait for my fans to hear how it all came out.”

Accompanying Secondhand Serenade on his tour is Ronnie Winter from Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and He is We.

Ronnie Winter has had a very prolific career in music, starting Red Jumpsuit Apparatus in 2003, and gaining momentum up to the present day. Red Jumpsuit Apparatus has released songs that became very popular such as ‘Face Down’ and Your ‘Guardian Angel’.  They have over 100 million streams on Spotify with those two songs alone.
He is We, named number one unsigned band of the year by PureVolume

He is We is a indie pop band from from Tacoma, Washington. They have released several prosperous albums, and have significant streams on Spotify. They have been active since 2008, functioning under multiple record labels. They had met while working at Ted Brown Music Company, where they began their musical journey together. “Trevor and I would see these local bands with these cocky auras about them. They didn’t want to communicate with fans or acknowledge them in any way. He Is We gets its meaning from us wanting to be like everyone else. We are so blessed and want to stand with the crowd and make someone go, ‘Dude, she was standing right next to me earlier, and now she’s on stage.'” Rachel Taylor

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