14 05, 2018

Al Jardine at The Cave

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Surf Rock Legend Comes to Big Bear!

Ohio born music legend, Al Jardine, is one of the most influential musicians of our time. Being one of the founding members of the archetypal band, The Beach Boys, he has seen and spear-headed a great deal of development in the music industry. The Beach Boys are one of the bands out of the 60’s that will always be remembered, right next to the legendary Beatles and Rolling Stones. Their songs bring some of the greatest nostalgia of California living, and even transcend the music of today. Al Jardine is still touring to this day, and will be at The Cave in Big Bear on June 15th!

Postcard from California

Music legend Al Jardine brings a storytellers-style performance to the stage in what must be the first show of its kind by any […]

20 02, 2018

Dokken Live at The Cave

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Dokken is Coming!

Dokken, the heavy metal classic, has been playing off and on for the last 30 to 40 years. The band is making runs through the US on their tour, and they are stopping in Big Bear this Saturday! With two original members in the band, Dokken is ready to bring the fire of their legendary performance. The current lineup is Don Dokken, Jon Levin, “Wild” Mick Brown, and Chris McCarvill. Singer Don Dokken is the founder of the band, having started it with an opportunity to sign to a German record label. The deal enticed three of his associates to join, whom would soon become the original line up of Dokken.

Now, after a long ride of twists and turns the last 40 years, they are still ready for anything! Make sure to get your tickets now, for we are […]

23 01, 2018

The Legendary Jefferson Starship

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They are coming to Big Bear!

The legendary Jefferson Starship, originally named Jefferson Airplane, has taken the world ever since the release of White Rabbit in 1967. They were another amazing band that had sprung out from the booming cultural scene in the 60’s. Although the band’s talent made them stick out among their already shining cohort, it was their insight as songwriters that had set them apart from most other bands.

The White Rabbit

One of the most versatile bands, Jefferson Starship has experienced a great deal of major transformations throughout the years. Around each turn of events, the band still hypnotizes the world with psychedelic, yet practically relatable  music. The song “White Rabbit” was one that had captured the attention of basically everybody, shedding light on experience with consciousness and drug use (legal and illegal). This song was especially capturing because of the revealing insight on […]