Any tribute band can add the props, effects, and character traits of the band they are celebrating. However, what makes a tribute special is the ability to emulate and perpetuate the energy that made the original band so iconic and meaningful to the listeners. For Zeppelin USA, every performance is a commemorative immortalization of the legendary band we know and love.

Robert Plant is one of the most sophisticated vocalists in rock and roll’s long and diverse history. The nuances and inflections are so unique that most singers, no matter how high caliber they are, fail to imitate it in the same strength and intensity. Brody Dolyniuk from Zeppelin USA, however, can hit it right on the mark. Furthermore, his invigorating stage presence hooks you in as though you were watching Plant himself.

The entire band consists of world-class musicians, all of which add a special element to the performance that no other Led Zeppelin tribute band can deliver; the original essence of Led Zeppelin itself. I do not know of a tribute band that is more in tune with one of rock and roll’s most model archetype. For those who have caught Led Zeppelin live, this is a performance that will carry you back in time. For those who haven’t had the pleasure of seeing them live, this is a chance to experience what made Led Zeppelin so legendary, We are blessed to have Zeppelin USA at The Cave on Saturday, July 15, 2017. You can get your tickets at